The latest volume in the Bible and Women series examines the relationship between women and the Bible’s reception during the early Middle Ages (500–1100 CE) in both the Greek East and the Latin West. Essays focus on interactions between women and the Bible through biblical precepts on women and for women, biblical women as the subjects of action or objects of discussion, and writings by women that refer to the Bible as a moral authority. The women discussed in the volume range from the well-known—including the nuns Kassia in Byzantium and Hrosvita in the West; the aristocrat Dhuoda, author of a moral guide for her son; Gisela, the sister of Charlemagne and abbess of Chelles; and her niece Rotrude—to those who remain anonymous. Contributions also explore how the Old and New Testaments exercised influence on emerging Islam.



  • Franca Ela Consolino and Judith Herrin
  • Stavroula Constantinou “Woman’s Head Is Man”: Kyriarchy and the Rhetoric of Women’s Subordination in Byzantine Literature
  • Rosamaria Parrinello Women and the Bible in Byzantium
  • Anna Silvas Kassia the Melodist (ca. 810–ca. 865) and Her Use of the Scriptures
  • Mary B. Cunningham Byzantine Reception of Biblical Revelation on the Virgin Mary
  • Martha Himmelfarb The Virgin Mary and Ancient Jewish Literature
  • Maria Lidova The Heavenly Guard of the Mother of God: Mary between the Angels in Early Byzantine Art
  • Giusi Zanichelli Early Medieval Iconography of the Virgin Mary between East and West
  • Giuseppe Cremascoli Women, Wine, and the Apostasy of the Wise: Sirach 19:2 in Medieval Latin Literature
  • Francesco Stella The Women of the Old Testament in Early Medieval Poetry: Judith and the Others
  • Christiane Veyrard-Cosme Women and the Bible in Latin Letter Collections of the Early Middle Ages (Sixth to Ninth Century)
  • Franca Ela Consolino Women Writers and Holy Writ in the Latin Early Middle Ages: The Bible in Dhuoda and Hrotsvit
  • Ines Weber The Reception of Biblical Texts and Their Normative Effect upon Marriage, Adultery, and Divorce from the Seventh to the Eleventh Century
  • Ulrike Bechmann Biblical Figures of Women in the Qur’an


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