The volume situates the topic “women and the Bible” in-the space between women’s movements for justice and liberation on the one hand and the academic study of sacred Scriptures on the other. To chart or to map biblical studies in the 20th century and to foster it into the 21st, we need not only to ask what kind of analysis to bring to bear on the biblical text, but we must also continue to ask—in the interest of the women’s movements around the globe. This volume must be seen as a first major step on the road toward a history of feminist biblical interpretation that must be continued and strengthened in the interest of progressive movements around the world.



  • Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza In-between Movement and Academy: Feminist* Biblical Studies in the 20th Century

Part I: Charting Feminist Biblical Studies Around the Globe

  • Judith Plaskow Movement and Emerging Scholarship: Feminist Biblical Scholarship in the 1970s in the United States
  • Elsa Tamez Feminist Biblical Studies in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Susanne Scholz "Stirring up Vital Energies": Feminist Biblical Studies in North America (1980s–2000s)
  • Dora Mbuwayesango Feminist Biblical Studies in Africa
  • Mercedes Navarro Puerto Intercultural Mapping of Feminist Biblical Studies: Southern Europe
  • Monica Melanchthon Towards Mapping Feminist Biblical Interpretations in Asia

Part II. Creating Feminist Hermeneutical Spaces in Religion

  • Helen Schüngel-Straumann From Androcentric to Christian Feminist Exegesis: Genesis 1-3
  • Cynthia Baker Jewish Feminist Biblical Studies
  • Rosa Cursach Salas A Christian Feminist Hermeneutics of the Bible
  • Zayn Kassam Re-Reading the Qur’an from a Gender Justice Perspective
  • Jaqueline Hidalgo Struggling with Mindsets of Domination

Part III. Reading Otherwise: Methods of Interpretation

  • Melanie Johnson DeBaufre Texts and Readers, Rhetorics and Ethics
  • Shelly Matthews Feminist Biblical Historiography
  • Marinella Perroni Different Feminist Methods and Approaches: Biblical Women’s Studies
  • Joseph A. Marchal Queer Studies and Critical Masculinity Studies in Feminist Biblical Studies
  • Yak-hwee Tan Postcolonial Feminist Biblical Criticism: An Exploration
  • Denise Kimber Buell Canons Unbound

Part IV. Working for Change and Transformation

  • Leony Renk Where Do You Come From? Where Are You Going?: Feminist Interreligious Bibliodrama in a German Context
  • Regula Grünenfelder Wo/men in Liturgy and Art on Wisdom’s Paths
  • Hanne Köhler and Claudia Janssen A Long History of Sowing, from which Miracles Occasionally Grow: Bible Translations in Language that is Just
  • Renate Jost The Institutionalization of Feminist Biblical Studies in Germany and its International and Ecumenical Context (Dossier)



Feminist Studies


  • Ed.
    Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza

Year 2014

  • Irmtraud Fischer

    Graz University, Austria

  • Mercedes Navarro Puerto

    Madrid, Spain

  • Adriana Valerio

    Napoli University, Italy

  • Charlotte Methuen,

    University of Glasgow, UK

  • Adele Berlin

    University of Maryland, USA